LISTEN is a new listening room concert series in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. What is a listening room? It simply refers to a space, be it a room, home, or venue, where the audience has come to give the artists its full attention. It means listening closely to the lyrics, and setting aside the distractions of phones and chatter. It’s a room that is quiet and still, but for the music. It means giving good energy to the artists and listening to their stories.  In turn, the audience will be given quality original material they have likely never heard, from artists they may never have heard of.  

The full inaugural 2019-2020 winter season will be launched in October 2019. The series will offer eight dual-headline shows, one on each third Thursday of the month, October-May.  Each show will feature one acoustic singer-songwriter from Eau Claire, and one from surrounding communities, with the goal being to foster relationships among these artists.


LISTEN is thrilled to be partnering with our hosts at Forage , who will sell, from 6:00-7:00, their famous soups, beer, wine and soda.  Forage  is located inside Eau Claire’s rustic and artsy Banbury Place, Building 13. Kristen Dexter and Michelle Thiede, in addition to being master chefs and owners of Forage, are themselves proper live music fans. The space now boasts a cozy fireplace in the side gallery room, and will feature, for these shows, carpet/floor pillow seating, in addition to chairs and standing room. LISTEN at Forage aims to fill those Thursday blues many of us feel at the end of Volume One’s Sounds Like Summer and provide a cozy winter option for live music lovers.      

Who we are:

We are music fans committed to supporting talented Wisconsin and Minnesota independent singer-songwriters and providing them an attentive, respectful, listening audience. In the spirit of house shows, we will bring these artists and fans together. 


Kelly Fries is passionate about discovering new up and coming artists at small house shows around the country and brings to LISTEN the standard of excellence found at these shows. She spends much of her free time volunteering with music nonprofits in The Twin Cities. 


Jennifer Golat is an equally loyal and enthusiastic live music supporter who is working in artist management. Jennifer has developed the name, logo, branding and web presence of LISTEN.

LISTEN was born of our shared desire to champion singer-songwriters and musicians whenever and wherever we can.  We have enjoyed many adventures together, most involving live music, and have a strong desire to give back a portion of the joy we have received. We often say to each other, “Good music is everything.” And we never tire of appreciating it. 

Listen Management, LLC.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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